Anisha Khan

Head of Branding, Marketing & Communications

Anisha Khan, Head of Brand, Marketing, and Communications has over 18 years’ of global experience across diverse sectors in directing, planning and implementing effective brand and marketing strategies through creative expression and communication.

She came from a strong background in art, design, and communication and graduated from University of Westminster in London UK, with a Bachelors degree in Graphic Information Design. Whilst studying she built her sales skills working for Boots Plc and Nicole Farhi as a Sales Consultant.

Throughout her career, Anisha Khan worked as a creative freelancer and consultant for many years serving diverse clients, providing creative brand, marketing and communication solutions.

In early 2006 Anisha joined DDB Bahrain as a Mid weight creative and later continued freelancing for them as a senior Art Director.

In 2007 Anisha joined Ernst and Young Global (EY) in London UK as a Supervising Associate in Brand, Marketing and Communications, managing and being part of the growth of the EY brand. Anisha left EY in 2013 to move to Bahrain and started her own brand consultancy business, Spur and Fly and consulted for DDB Jabreen in Muscat, Oman.

Between 2017 and 2019, Anisha consulted for British Schools in the Middle East operating at the upper echelons of digital marketing, branding and communication. Her direction elevated the organizations brand and brand strength to new levels in a very short time.

As part of Anisha’s consultancy, in 2019 she created the brand name and identity Starlinks and joined Starlinks as their Marketing Director in 2020. Anisha also started working with AZAQ in 2020 shaping and building the brand, creating and implementing the group values and growing the identity, communications, culture and voice of the organization.