Omar Almoayyed

Group Legal Counsel

Omar Almoayyed, Group Legal Counsel, graduated from the University of Kent, UK with a bachelor’s degree in law and has a rich experience with organizations in banking and Investment sectors. Omar participated in many projects as a Legal Counsel managing the legal side of Mergers and Acquisitions, Private Equities, Compliance, Business Development, Real Estate, and Risk Management.

During his career in Venture Capital Bank B.S.C(c), Kingdom of Bahrain. Omar has Successfully signed definitive agreements, Negotiated, and drafted definitive agreements in relation to a 100% acquisition of a well-known company in the Turkish pharmaceutical sector.

Omar also worked in developing the structure, licensing and construction of a maternity and children hospital in the Kingdom of Bahrain, as a world-class hospital specialized in the provision of basic and advanced health care services for women and children, including pre-natal, post-natal care, gynaecology, and in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

As Group Legal Counsel at Ali Zaid Al Quraishi and Brothers Omar’s experience is vested extensively in private equity, mergers and acquisitions, as well as advising on corporate, finance and real estate related transactions. Omar has been involved in numerous on-shore and off-shore deal-structuring throughout his career.

His experience in the investment banking industry translated into a strong addition to the Group. His practice within the Group is focused on handling contract review, legal advisory, as well as managing litigation in-house. Generally, Omar’s practice within the Group is focused on our investments, real estate, logistics, industrial, automotive, distribution and construction related transactions.

Omar’s involvement also extends to provide in-house litigation, arbitration and handling of legal proceedings on behalf of the Group and its subsidiaries. The Group Legal Counsel also actively advises on the Group’s legal governance matters. Accordingly, Omar acts as a fiduciary by being appointed on several board seats on certain project related companies.