We are a holding company with an investment portfolio of assets in diversified sectors

Our Values

We live by our values

We lead and grow with accountability
We are straightforward and transparent in our conduct
We treat our people, partners and community members with respect
We are committed to excellence in everythingwe do
We adapt to change and encourage innovative ideas with agility
We are relentless in our quest and passion is what drives us in what we do
Our Vision
To be at the forefront of economic value addition, associated with responsible, long-term, sustainable business and investment activity
Our Mission
  • Be the preferred choice for our strategic business partners and customers
  • Be an employer of choice with an open environment for people development and growth
  • Have a meaningful presence in the community and the eco-system we operate in
  • Be an effective source of constant sustainable value creation to our shareholders

Chairman’s Message

We are honored to have served our customers and our community for more than 60 years. We will keep on adding value to people’s lives for a better future for all of us.”

Faisal Al Quraishi
Group Chairman

AZAQ takes pride in its Saudi roots and continues to build strategic business partnerships to contribute towards the Saudi Vision 2030. We have a strong network of companies involved in various sectors of the economy across the region. Our cumulative experience spanning over decades have enabled us to have first-hand knowledge and experience in a range of sectors. Our values are at the core of our business dealings and we live by our code of ethics. To achieve our shared business vision, we prioritize investing in talent and our employee’s well-being.

Having an established market presence along with our range of existing and emerging brands together with our service offerings make us well positioned to continue to add value and connect with more customers. Our focus is on efficiency of operations, quality of products and superior service levels and we are determined to leverage further our existing platform for the benefit of our people, customers, business partners and the economy.

Our experienced management team continues to push the boundaries of operational excellence, our customer and business partner relationships as well as continuing enhancement of our corporate governance platform. We engage directly with the community through various social responsibility programs and to-date have made a visible difference to the lives we have touched.

Faisal Al Quraishi
Group Chairman

AZAQ Corporate Social Responsibility | Qarir

We are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives through Qarir that improve the well-being of individuals, groups and communities within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
We believe in doing things for the better and that Corporate Social Responsibility involves our continued commitment to behave ethically and work towards economic development, while improving the quality of life for our employees and their families. In this regard we are firm supporters of the national strategy to protect fairness and combat corruption.
Our signature social welfare projects focus on nutrition and education, offering benefits to local families that we hope go well beyond the programs. As part of the global environmental movement we encourage recycling within our organization.